Forex Analytics’ Ben Drage is an experienced, thirty-five year veteran of the Financial Markets

“I was born and spent my formative years in London and am half British and half Australian. After completing my Law degree at Oxford University I continued my studies by joining the Inner Temple and taking my Bar Finals Exams. Ben Drage

Being from a family with interests in the financial sphere I decided to look to embark on a career in the City of London. I joined a boutique moneybroking firm in 1982 and progressed via a number of different entities in that environment, eventually specialising in the nascent interest rate swap and options markets.

Despite revelling in the surroundings of a dealing room, in 1998 I decided to leave the City and to concentrate on my personal trading. The freedom that came with that choice has allowed me to live in different parts of Europe and to pursue my interests across the financial field. I currently live in a rural part of Southern England.

I very much enjoy the process of technical analysis – viewing it almost as a chess game where intention and meaning have to be gleaned from a two-dimensional chart. Spatial awareness and how to react to it are very important parts of the trader’s armoury and I have discovered the process of coaching this increasingly rewarding. Moreover I have noticed that the exercise also makes me focus more efficiently on my own decision making.

My thirty-five years’ experience in the markets has led me to appreciate that simplicity is almost always the key to success. I have found that Median Line Analysis is far and away the most effective way to accomplish this. By setting up Forex Analytics I am hoping to share my enthusiasm to “Decode the Markets” by deciphering them and stripping away the complexity and confusion that often baffles veterans and novices alike.

I want Forex Analytics to provide World Class Analysis to traders and investors, at an affordable price, by getting back to the very essence of what drives the financial markets.

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