The various services provide both general and detailed analysis of a wide variety of markets. We are not registered Financial Advisors and cannot give advice to members regarding their trading or investing. Moreover, because circumstances, objectives and risk/reward assessments vary from person to person, a trade that may be opportune for one member may be entirely inappropriate for another. However we are confident that the nature of the services will present members many opportunities for trades or investment, subject to their own due diligence, in consort with the advice of a registered Financial Advisor.
We do not offer a free trial because of the proprietary nature of the analysis. It would be unfair to existing members if we did so. However we are confident that you will find great benefit from joining our service and encourage you to try it for a month at least.
You may cancel your subscription at any time by emailing before the end of your current billing period. Please note that subscriptions are not refundable and that your access to the services will run until the end of your current billing period.
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Please take a look at the "Andrew's Pitchfork" page for further information. Members have access to past Webinars and daily Analysis videos via the "Calendar" page. If you still have further questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch via - I'm a very approachable kind of guy!!!
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Absolutely. The methodology used is clear and precise and is easily understood by traders that are new to the market. The interactive Live Webinars and dedicated Chat pages will help new members understand how best to adapt the analysis to their needs. Furthermore we offer individual Mentoring to members to help them hone their skills.
I use the Ensign E10 Charting package and eSignal feeds. This should not be viewed as a recommendation, but it is always advisable to use the best charting and feeds that you can afford commensurate with your trading.
The methodology is based on Median Line Analysis and enables us to very accurately follow areas of support and resistance. We decode the markets by taking all the excess waffle out of them and we are able to concentrate on what truly matters, namely the all-important path of price. The more that a trader or investor can see the underlying essence of a market, the easier it is for them to make their trading decisions.
As we are based in the UK, analysis is typically posted before the London market opens – usually around 2am New York time. The Market Analysis webinars take place each Tuesday and Thursday at 1pm New York time.
The Metals Analysis Service extensively covers Gold and Silver in Dollars as well as in other currencies such as Euros, Yen and British Pounds. It also follows some of the major mining and streaming companies. The Service provides extensive daily video analysis together with a dedicated Traders' Chat page for intraday updates and members' comments. There are also periodic interactive Live Webinars.

The Market Analysis Service includes all of the Metals Analysis Service and also covers a wide range of Foreign Exchange Markets – not just the Majors – plus indices such as the S and P 500, bonds, oil and other commodities. The Service provides extensive daily video analysis together with a dedicated Traders' Chat page for intraday updates and members' comments. We also schedule twice weekly interactive Live Webinars looking at all the markets.
We are unable to recommend any broker for obvious reasons.
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