Live Chat

Members of our Service have the benefit of access to Two Dedicated Traders Live Chat Areas where they can be kept in touch through the trading day and may post their own charts observations and analysis

Using state of the art technology we are able to provide Members with the opportunity to communicate Live with us and with each other in a secure environment. Members are able to post their own charts, observations and analysis and be kept abreast by Forex Analytics of market developments through the course of the day via the two Dedicated Traders Live Chat Areas.

The Metals Analysis Live Chat Area covers discussion of Gold and Silver in Dollars and other Currencies together with Miners and Streaming Companies.

The Market Analysis Live Chat Area covers discussion of Foreign Exchange, Indices Bonds and Commodities and any other vehicle Members find of interest.

Members of the Metals Analysis service only have access to the Metals Live Chat Area whereas Members of the Market Analysis service – which includes full access to the Metals Analysis service – of course have access to both Areas.