Daily Market Technical Analysis -Precious Metals, Currencies, Commodities and Indices

Expert Daily Forex, Gold and Silver Analysis plus Commodities/Indices, emphasizing High–Probability, Low-Risk opportunities. Daily Video Analysis + Dedicated Traders Chat + Twice-Weekly Live Webinars

Using too many technical indicators obscures charts – Check out the Video to see what happens when Forex Analytics discards them and “Decodes the Markets” by concentrating on the action along the Path of Price…

The Market Analysis Service provides intelligible and actionable proprietary Technical Analysis across a wide range of Markets. Not just Daily Forex Analysis but Precious Metals, Commodities and Stock Indices. We don’t just concentrate on major pairs but also provide Daily Forex Analysis of minors such as NOK, SEK plus AUDNZD, EURJPY and GBPCHF which have all recently provided hugely profitable opportunities.

Likewise, Commodities such as Oil, Sugar and Platinum plus Indices such as the Dow, S&P and DAX are regularly highlighted. Members also have full access to the Metals Analysis Service.

The Service aims to continuously showcase profitable opportunities for both Traders and Investors - a 10-20 minute Video is posted every day before the London opening using Median Line Analysis to clarify and define these increasingly challenging markets. The methodology applies across timeframes making this Daily Analysis compelling for both short term Traders and longer term Investors. We purposely exclude the profusion of technical indicators that confuse markets, instead looking to precisely define the all-important Path of Price. By doing that we are able to accurately anticipate and project likely areas of support and resistance – a real boon to Traders and Investors.

As well as the Daily Market and Forex Analysis Video, the service provides a Dedicated “Traders Chat” page, allowing Members to post their own charts, observations and analysis, and to be kept abreast of market developments through the course of the day.

Members are also invited to twice-weekly Live Interactive Webinars and are encouraged to bring their own charts to these events.

The Market Analysis Service comprises:

  • Daily Video Analysis of Major/Minor Forex pairs, Commodities and Stock Indices
  • Full access to the benefits of the Metals Analysis Service
  • Dedicated Traders Chat Room
  • Twice-Weekly Live Interactive Webinars

We invite you to try the Market Analysis Service and see how Forex Analytics’ Technical Analysis can help with your Trading, Investing and Portfolio Management.

The Service currently has a Special Offer whereby the first month is available at the discounted rate of $50 and at the full price of $125 per month thereafter - we also offer a full Money Back Guarantee, within the first fortnight, if you are not entirely satisfied with your membership.....

Please make sure that you are aware of the Forex Analytics Limited Terms and Conditions

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