Trading Mentor - Charting Mentoring for Traders and Investors

Your own Private Trading Mentor Sessions with Ben Drage.

Trading Mentor

The sessions comprise exclusive one-on-one Trading Mentoring with Forex Analytics’ Ben Drage and are designed to swiftly improve both general charting and specific trading skills and to help you become a more disciplined and more expert trader or investor.

The remit of the Trading Mentor sessions is flexible and can be structured or customised to meet individual needs or requirements, whether you are a novice investor or already an expert trader. The approach that we use will have the specific aim of helping you achieve more consistent and therefore more profitable trading and/or longer term investing.

Some of the specific guidance will be based around charts that I bring to the sessions but significant additional benefit will be derived from you contributing your current charts, as well as any recent trades or set-ups that you may wish to analyse. We will look to work through them in detail, identifying any problem areas. The Trading Mentor sessions may also include more general perspectives on trading and investing, all designed to help you improve your skills and to become an Expert Trader.

The Trading Mentor sessions will take place over a secure, dedicated interactive webinar link with both parties able to talk to each other and to share their screens. They will be recorded and then stored in a restricted and private zone accessible to you alone. You will also be able to download them, allowing you to review them at your convenience and in your own time.

Two Trading Mentor Options are currently available:

  • Option A: One x Intensive Two Hour session priced at $950
  • Option B: Eight x One Hour sessions priced at $3200
  • NEW YEAR SPECIAL - A single intensive Forty-Five Minute session priced at $150

In order to secure one of our Trading Mentor slots please contact us via the button below, or email

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